Erasmus Exchange Student

Why do people blog a lot these days? It`s not to become famous or to
get attention… it is simply because we care about little nice
things.. little nice things like a cup of coffee next to a paper with our “to do list` written in cursive, or a vegan smoothie we
just made and are admiring how colourful it looks, because there is
nothing nicer than colours in life… or a view in front of us while
we were walking on our way to work because it was very naturally
beautiful and it made us breath in deeply feeling thankful to be alive
.. not everyone of us is famous or doing something spectacular, and
almost most of us haven`t figured out what we want in life, so why do
we blog nice little things? because if we cant understand life or
the reason of us being alive, we can at least enjoy the pretty little
details 🙂